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Children Left Behind

An important book in the History of the abuses suffered by Indigenous children and their families at the hands of the United States gonernment and their machinery of colonization.Mr.Giago, a noted Lakota publisher and author,recounts his days as a child student at the Holy Rosary Mission boarding school outside of Pine Ridge, South Dakota.Provides important background information for those seeking to understand the reluctance of many Indian families to participate in the educational process offered by the colonists.Many see the roots of modern-day dysfunction in the brutality of these schoo

Cheyenne Memories

A Cheyenne elder/historian recounts the oral history of his people from Creation though colonization. Contains many interesting accounts of events on the plains during the 1800s.(Cheyenne History and Culture) 

Boarding School Seasons

A look at Indian boarding schools through the actual correspondence by students, parents and administrators of two such schools: Flandreau in South Dakota and Haskell in Kansas. These letters chronicle the huge impact that these schools had on individuals, families and communities by examining the effects of separation from their families, diseases, the difficulty of the work they were forced to perform and the way these students resisted the various aspects of their enforced encarceration. 

Black Elk Speaks

 The biography of Lakota elder and medicine man Black Elk as told through John Neihardt. Contains many first-hand accounts of events that were described differently in U.S. History textbooks.Written in an engaging prose style that is straight forward and honest.The forward is by Vine Deloria, Jr.(Lakota History and Culture/American History) 

Agents of Repression

 Chronicles of the FBI’s counter intelligence program against progressive service organizations , including the American Indian Movement and the Black Panther Party, in the 1970s and beyond. Applies well to History and Goverment Studies courses. 

A People's History Of The United States

The real history of the United States. That is, from the view of ordinary people such as Natives,African Slaves, Women, Workers and others who make history, but are always omitted from the historical record. Beginning with “Columbus, The Indians and Human Progress”, where he recounts the history of Columbus’ brutal colonization of the Bahamas, Professor Zinn distills truth from myth ,ending with the final (so far) chapter on the 2000 Election and the “War on Terrorism”.A thinking man’s history as opposed to a chronicle of presidential administrations since George Washington.(History) 


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