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The Relocation Act of the 1950’s encouraged departure of American Indians from reservations to establish themselves in urban areas.

Intergenerational Trauma is only beginning to be understood. Healing the Cycle uncovers some of the experiences of community members at the root source or the intergenerational impacts of oppression. It also examines the need and challenges associated with breaking the cycle and beginning the healing through forgiveness.

The Warriors Dance is a documentary film that describes traditional dances and some of the origin stories of the dance styles.

Presence 2011 is a documentary film during a visit to the Presence exhibit at the Mill City Museum in 2011. Interviews with visitors, contributors and Mona Smith, Artist and creator of the exhibit.

Sacred Sites examines a few of the Sacred Sites of the Dakota People in the Twin Cities area.

Fort Forty is a documentary film shares the history of Fort Snelling and the importance of the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers to the Dakota people. The film also tells of the treaties and mistreatment of the Dakota people leading up to the war of 1862.

Then and Now examines adolescent similarities and differences in teen life today and historically. Cultural practices handed down from generation to generation have been hindered by modern life. Youth need to seek out cultural practices and avoid negative activities. Self esteem impacts of traditional practices are discussed.

Porky’s Sugarbush - This video is from 1993 and produced by MIGIZI Communications. In it the story of the Man Tree is shared by Porky White.

Franklin Avenue Mural Dedication - NACDI honors the artists, their subjects: Pat Bellanger, Charlie Stately and Juanita Espinoza, and the development of the American Indian Cultural Corridor with the dedication of a mural brightening Franklin Avenue.

2011 Mde Maka Ska - The original Dakota word for Minneapolis’ Lake Calhoun is Mde Maka Ska, “White Earth Lake.” On its shores is where the famed Cloud Man’s Village was located. Minneapolis schools and agencies serving American Indian youth came together to sponsor this event celebrating the Lake and traditional lifeways.

Tamalti and Frybread - MIGIZI students have been making videos for the past 20 years. This is an example of one of the earlier student created productions.

Micah Hill, Jump Start - Micah Hill describes the benefits of participation in PSEO and in earning college credits while still in high school.

Brook LaFloe, Jump Start - Brook takes College in the Schools English classes. Dual Credit options are a way to earn college credits while in high school. Students can “Test Drive” a variety of colleges before enrolling for their undergraduate program.

Jesse Garcia, Jump Start - Jesse takes PSEO classes at MCAD while still in high school.