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Respect is a central concept for many of the peoples of Turtle Island. Here we are focusing on respect for the wisdom and knowledge that many wise people have shared in the form of books, stories, pictures, etc. that are there to help those who are looking for answers to Life’s questions. It is our hope to make knowledge available for those who want to know how to teach indigenous youth.

This is the Library or more appropriately perhaps, bibliography section of the site.The hope is to compile a comprehensive listing of resources that can be used to build curriculum and provide insight into what and how to provide high-interest lessons for Indigenous youth, educators and families.

Again, all are encouraged to help us correct any omissions, so that we may include them in the listing.

Ultimately, each entry will include a brief synopsis of the item cited, along with a notation about the subject area(s) it may pertain to.

If anyone is interested in purchasing titles from this list, two Native-Owned book services we recommend are : Word Carrier Trading Post, (see their book selection at, and Birch Bark Books (see