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Knowledge is light and nourishment for the mind and spirit…

In this section we will post curriculum (new and old) with content that helps to not only teach culture, but culturally.We believe that it is not just what is taught, but how it is taught, that make school a meaningful learning experience.

We would appreciate your comments, suggestions and insights on the curriculum, as much of what is posted here is a work in progress.

2021 Virtual Mde Maka Ska Canoe Nations Gathering

PowerPoint presentation about the 2011 agreement renewal (PowerPoint, 708K)

Phillips Indian Educators American Indian Research Protocols adopted 12-4-09 (pdf, 140K)

Phillips Indian Educators agreement with the Bolivian Minister of Decolonization (in English PDF, 430K) (in Spanish PDF, 427K)

Phillips Indian Educators Training Curriculum (3.2 MB PDF)