How This Site Is Organized

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Here’s some basic info about the PIE website. It is a teacher–oriented data base organized into four parts:

Wisdom — articles and interviews centered around Indigenous teaching/pedagogy, including:

Respect — Contains a bibliography and list of related sites that you can link to.

Knowledge — Contains curriculum by subject area that has been authored by Native teachers and that is in use in Alternative settings such as Nawayee Center School, GMCC Division of Indian Work, Migizi Communications, Twin Cities Healthy Nations Program and Little Earth of United Tribes:

Sharing — Contains a calendar of upcoming events in the Minneapolis/St.Paul Area and student-produced videos.

Additionally, there is a black menu bar across the upper one third of the Home page which can be used to access writings on Best Practices of Indigenous Teaching and a list of community resource persons by clicking on “Contact” or "Best Practices.

You can enter the site by clicking on any of these words on the Medicine Wheel displayed on the home page or the live quick links in the upper left of every page.