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Night Flying Woman

A biographical narrative of an Ojibwe elder by her granddaughter, a practiced storyteller. Recounts many events in the life of the people during the time of intense colonization and assimilation known in many histories as the early reservation period.(Ojibwe History and Culture) 

Lies My Teacher Told Me

Easily one of the most illuminating books about American History ever written.Cuts through the hype right to the bare bones of the story.History is more often used to justify what has happened than to inform people about the past, and not knowing the lessons of history consigns a people to a repeat of their mistakes.Mr. Loewen opines that History’s lack of popularity with many students is a result of the teaching of history that neither makes sense nor requires people to really think about the causes of events and the motivations of the History makers.History/Education) 

Lies Across America

An interesting examination of one hundred historical sites across America. The theme is to overturn myths and misinformation that often pass for American History, and in so doing, to get people to think critically and ask questions rather than just accept whatever they read or are told.(History) 

Lakota Woman

The first autobiography of Mary Crow Dog, a Lakota activist involved in the tumultuous events of the 1970s. This story provides a good look at reservation life and one person’s journey back to her Lakota culture and how her story reflects the journey of others on a similar path.(History/Literature) 

Kill The Indian, Save The Man

A comprehensive study of the devastating effects of the residential boarding schools to which five generations of Native American children were subjected between 1880 and 1980.Churchill exposes the genocidal nature of this aspect of the U.S. goverment’s assimilationist policies towards Native Americans, and introduces the reader to a factor quite familiar to those who work in Indian Education, transgenerational trauma.(History/Native American Studies)

Indian Oratory

 A collection of famous speeches by noted Native American leaders given between 1758 and 1910. Many good examples of this aspect of the Indigenous oral tradition.(Indigenous Oral Literature/History) 


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