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Long Death, The


A linear historical accounting of the invasion of the Great Plains by the United States that resulted in the deaths of a great many Native Americans and the loss of their lands and freedom.(1862-1891).It is a truly sad story, but very instructive for those who would like to learn from this history…

(American History, American Indian History and Culture)


Journey Of Crazy Horse, The

A Lakota biography of Crazy Horse. ( Probably the first )This book provides a well-rounded, realistic perspective of the man and his life that bring to light the story of someone who exemplifies the Lakota ideals of leadership.Crazy Horse is much more than a military leader, but also a husband, son, hunter and friend.



Perversions of Justice

A very interesting discussion of the legal realities of the relationships between Indigenous peoples of North America and the United States. Topics included are International Law, Rights of Conquest, Decolonization, Indian Identity, Genocide and the Peculiar Slant Of American History.(History/Native American Studies) 

Ohitika Woman

 Continues the biography begun in Lakota Woman.The story of Mary Brave Bird (formerly Crow Dog), a Lakota activist, mother and warrior. Sometimes used in our Woman’s Health class at Nawaye Center School. (Minneapolis)(Subjects include History and Literature) 


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