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One Native Life

One Native Life is Richard Wagamese’s look back at the long road he traveled in reclaiming his identity. It's about the things he's learned as a human being, a man, and an Ojibway. Whether he's writing about playing baseball, running away with the circus, listening to the wind, or meeting Johnny Cash, these are stories told in a healing spirit. Through them, Wagamese shows how to appreciate life for the remarkable learning journey it is.

Killing Of Crazy Horse, The

This book contains more first and second-hand source materials than many others about the assassination of  Crazy Horse, making the narrative an interesting mix of Indigenous and colonial perspectives on the transition period of the Lakota from free-living peoples to a people experiencing the occupation of their homeland by a ruthless, immoral colonizer.

Voices From Wounded Knee

A photographic recounting of the story of the historic occupation and confrontation between AIM and the U.S. government and their allies that gave impetus to the language and cultural reclamation efforts that continue to this day in Indian Country. This book is rare and a difficult find, but really captures the feeling of the time and provides a lot of information about the American Indian Movement and the ongoing colonization of Turtle Island.

We are Still Here

A photographic history of the American Indian Movement with photographs by Dick Bancroft, unofficial photographer for AIM since 1970 and text by Laura Waterman Wittstock, veteran journalsi and media consultant and a member of the Seneca Nation.

Ojibwa Warrior : Dennis Banks and the Rise of the American Indian Movement

Dennis Banks’ account of his life and the genesis of the American Indian Movement. An interesting read, told humbly by a leader in the true sense of the word. Read of the events in the struggle for Indian sovereignty through the eyes of someone at the epicenter of the tumult caused by Indians who had the audacity to stand up and fight for their basic human rights after four hundred years of colonization and oppression.

Untold History of the United States, The

Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick tell the history of the U.S from the perspective of those who have lost the most as the government has been co-opted by big money and the military-industrial complex. (Namely, the American people…) There are lots of interesting stories that most history textbooks have chosen not to tell. This is thee real reason why our children do not receive a first-rate education, because history is largely written to legitimize the status quo, rather than to illuminate the past and present so that we can see our way to a better future.


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