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Genocide Of The Mind

A collection of essays recording the determination of native people to retain their languages and culture. In sharing these experiences it is hoped that the secret of the survival of Indigenous societies will pass from legend into contemporary awareness.Includes contributions by Paula Gunn Allen,Simon Ortiz, Leslie Marmon Silko, Marijo Moore and many others.

We Have The Right To Exist

A well-written and researched book expressing Indigenous thought and the history of the colonization of this continent. A must read for anyone who cares about the evolution of the human species, which can only resume when we humans once again acknowledge and honor our role in this planetary ecosystem.The writing is sensible,thorough and hopeful.(Indigenous Worldview) 

Water Lilly

 A novel about the life of a Dakota woman in the mid-nineteenth century before Europeans began to colonize the Great Plains and her people .An historical reconstruction of that period by a Dakota woman, based upon extensive research.(Literature/History) 


A biograhical film about the life of John Trudell, Indigenous activist, parent, musician,etc.Well put together, with never before seen interviews with John Trudell. Running time is 78 minutes.“I am not looking to overthrow the American government.The corporate state already has.”-(John Trudell)(American Indian Studies/History) 

Through Dakota Eyes

A collection of first-hand accounts from the "Sioux Uprising" of 1861 in Minnesota, an event whose repercussions are still being felt today in Minnesota. Provides some background information on events leading to the war and contains accompanying footnotes at the end of each chapter.(Minnesota and Dakota History) 


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