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Title Authorsort descending Suggested Audience Subject Area
Tribes, Treaties and Constitutional Tribulations Deloria,Jr and Wilkins Adult Tribal Law, History, Indigenous Studies
World We Used To Live In, The Deloria,Vine Jr. Adult Indigenous Studies
Custer Died For Your Sins Deloria,Vine Jr. Adult History, Indigenous Studies
God is Red Deloria,Vine Jr. Adult Social Studies, Indigenous Studies
How Indians Use Wild Plants for Foods, Medicine and Crafts Densmore,Francis Young Adult (grades 9-12) Indigenous Studies, Math and Science
Chippewa Customs Densmore,Francis Adult Indigenous Studies
America Past and Present Volume 1 Divine/Breen/Fredericks Adult
An Indigenous Peoples' History Of The United States Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne Adult History, Social Studies
Art Of Critical Pedagogy, The Duncan-Andrade and Morrell Adult Education and Pedagogy
All The Real Indians Died Off...and twenty other myths about Native Americans Dundar-Ortiz, Roxanne Young Adult (grades 9-12) Social Studies, Indigenous Studies, History
Soul of an Indian, The Eastman, Charles A. Adult Indigenous Studies, Health
Old Indian Days Eastman, Charles A. Young Adult (grades 9-12) Oral Literature, Indigenous Studies
Red Hunters And The Animal People Eastman, Charles A. Young Adult (grades 9-12) Indigenous Studies, Oral Literature
Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains Eastman, Charles A. Adult History, Indigenous Studies
Living In Two Worlds (The American Indian Experience) Eastman,Charles A. Adult Indigenous Studies, Social Studies
Dacotah Eastman,Mary H. Adult History
Chippewa Language Book Eklund, Coy Adult Indigenous Languages
Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions Erdoes,Richard Adult Indigenous Studies, History, Language Arts
Birchbark House, The Erdrich Middle School (grades 6-8) Language Arts, Indigenous Studies
Sister Nations Erdrich and Tohe Adult Language Arts, Indigenous Studies