Indigenous Studies

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Always a People

A collection of biographies/oral histories of/by contemporary Native persons from the woodlands areas of North America, each accompanied with an oil portrait.(Contemporary Native America) 

All Our Relations

A compassionate, compelling account of Indigenous resistance to environmental savagery and cultural depradations perpetrated by corporate America.Includes testimonies by other Native activists sharing this struggle in various locations around the continent.A collection of accounts of Native resistance to environmental destruction.Thoughtfully describes the efforts of various Indigenous peoples of the Turtle Island (called North America by some), including the Native people of the United State’s Hawaiian colony.

Agents of Repression

 Chronicles of the FBI’s counter intelligence program against progressive service organizations , including the American Indian Movement and the Black Panther Party, in the 1970s and beyond. Applies well to History and Goverment Studies courses. 

A Little History of My Forest Life

The Autobiography of an Ojibwe woman from Madeleine Island in Lake Superior. Provides a 19th century Woman’s view of such events as: The Wisconsin Death March, The Dream Dance, Indian Marriage and Burial customs, making Maple Sugar and the Chippewa/Dakota War. Originally written and recovered from the archives of the Universty of Minnesota. (Ojibwe History and Culture)


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