Indigenous Studies

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Everlasting Sky, The

Professor Vizenor’s classic first book of essays, focusing on reservation life during the 1970s, including the emergence of the American Indian Movement.Vizenor juxtaposes snapshots of contemporary life against images and dream sequences from Anishinabe oral traditiions and ceremonies.

(Ojibwe History and Culture)



Dance House, The

Stories from the Sicangu Lakota generated from the experiences of the reservation era.Illustrative of the Indigenous worldview and the importance of maintaining and sharing Indigenous culture. An engrossing read.



Four Hills Of Life, The

An Ojibwe teaching about the stages in human life and how we grow in wisdom as we respond to challenges and learn to accept responsibilities.Contains text, illustrations and activities developed especially for kids.This is good resource for helping children deal with difficulties in thoughtful and mindful ways.

(Ojibwe Culture)


Struggle for the Land

A compilation of stories depicting the on-going struggles of Indigenous North American peoples to retain not only their lands, but their integrity, culture, language and their very Health, in the face of genocidal exploitation by corporate America.The author makes a very valid point that this very serious threat to Indigenous peoples also represents a threat to all North Americans, as the ecological havoc being wreaked cannot be contained within reservation areas. 

Spirit Car (Journey To A Dakota Past)

Moving and poignant story about the anguish of colonization and its divisive effects on Indigenous peoples. This is the story of one person’s experience of “coming to know” about her Indigenous roots. It is a good read and a story familiar to anyone who has had to reclaim their culture while living in the midst of everything else but that culture. Inspires the reader with hope that such a challenge is far from insurmountable. If you have ever lived in Rapid City you will encounter some familiar settings.(Literature/History)

Sister Nations

An anthology of fiction, prose and poetry by contemporary Native women. Rich in oral literature and creative energy. With a foreward by Winona La Duke. (Used as a resource book for Indigenous Health classes at Nawayee Center School in Minneapolis)(Literature) 

Sacred Fireplace

 Pete Catches shares his vision of how the Lakota nation will be revived,reinvigorated and revitalized. This book describes his struggles to embrace the Spotted Eagle medicine way, Lakota oral traditions and ceremonies, and reflections on the history and culture of his people and on his own life.(Native American Indian History and Culture) 


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