Cultural Resource Bibliography

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Igniting The Sparkle

This book presents concepts that have been used for thousands of years in Ingigenous education. Dr.Cajete shows how we can inetgrate native ways of learning and teaching with mainstream education to revitalize the Euro-American educational system.(Indigenous Teaching/Best Practices)

Spider Woman's Granddaughters

A powerful collection of traditional tales,biographical writings, and contemporary short stories including writings by:Anna Lee Walters,LeAnne Howe,Leslie Marmon Silko,Linda Hogan,Louise Erdrich,Mary TallMountain,Misha Gallagher,Paula Gunn Allen and Vicki L. Sears.
(Indigenous Oral Literature)

Decolonizing Methodologies

In this powerful book Smith critically examines colonial models of education and the historical and philosophical base of Western research. In addition she offers a decolonization method for planning and implementing indigenous research that reclaims indigenous ways of knowing and being.(Contributed by Dr. Roxanne Gould,Phd.)


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