Cultural Resource Bibliography

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Winter Of The Holy Iron

A novel about the moral questions surrounding the introduction of a new and dangerous technology, the rifle.The cultural distinctions between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and cultures and how such questions are discussed is an important theme.An interesting look at a time when people took the time to consider important questions that require continual dialogue.(Literature/Lakota Culture) 

We Have The Right To Exist

A well-written and researched book expressing Indigenous thought and the history of the colonization of this continent. A must read for anyone who cares about the evolution of the human species, which can only resume when we humans once again acknowledge and honor our role in this planetary ecosystem.The writing is sensible,thorough and hopeful.(Indigenous Worldview) 

Water Lilly

 A novel about the life of a Dakota woman in the mid-nineteenth century before Europeans began to colonize the Great Plains and her people .An historical reconstruction of that period by a Dakota woman, based upon extensive research.(Literature/History) 

Walking With Grandfather

Lakota storyteller Joseph Marshall II shares family stories and anecdotes which contain many insights and much wisdom.A good resource for examples of Indigenous teaching and insights into Indigenous worldview. Audio CD included.(Lakota Culture/Education) 

Walking The Rez Road

Forty stories and poems featuring an Anishinabe Viet Nam war vet as the central character.Examines the flaws in the concentration camp mentality of the US Government“s Indian Policy, among other things.A good look at”Indian" Humor , as well.(American Indian Studies) 


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