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Last Standing Woman

Winona LaDuke’s first effort at fiction/novel writing. Chronicles the lives of seven generations of Anishinabe on the White Earth reservation and their struggle to regain their land and culture in the face of the relentless oppression of a colonial empire.(literature/History) 

Lakota Woman

The first autobiography of Mary Crow Dog, a Lakota activist involved in the tumultuous events of the 1970s. This story provides a good look at reservation life and one person’s journey back to her Lakota culture and how her story reflects the journey of others on a similar path.(History/Literature) 


The story of a Gorilla who tries to save mankind from its most self-destructive impulses: to conquer other people,to manage/control nature, to view itself as having dominion over the earth and to place higher value on material posessions than on life itself. Ishmael is a gifted teacher who has the advantage of seeing things from outside of the perspective of the mentally colonized victims of “civilization”…(Indigenous Worldview/Culture/Philosophy) 

Hundred In The Hand

 A novel about the Powder River War (1864 - 1868 ) centered around the battle known either as the Fetterman Massacre (to US historians) or The Hundred In The Hand (to the Lakota) .As the plot of the story is drawn from the pages of history and Lakota oral tradition, this might be considered an Historical narrative. Either way, it is an interesting read that teaches and entertains. 


Flight is the story of a native teen who is very familiar with the streets and the system of foster care. Through a series of events he finds himself traveling through space and time experiencing revenge, loss, courage and compassion through the eyes of many different people. This is a story that any young person can relate to and especially urban native youth.(Literature) 


 Ceremony conveys the universal experience of Native people returning from the violence of war. The impact on themselves, family and community is something that the majority of student readers can relate to. The hero of this story shows that healing through tradition and ceremony is a viable alternative to covering one’s wounds with drugs, alcohol and other self-destructive behaviors.(Indigenous Literature) 

Always a People

A collection of biographies/oral histories of/by contemporary Native persons from the woodlands areas of North America, each accompanied with an oil portrait.(Contemporary Native America) 

All Our Relations

A compassionate, compelling account of Indigenous resistance to environmental savagery and cultural depradations perpetrated by corporate America.Includes testimonies by other Native activists sharing this struggle in various locations around the continent.A collection of accounts of Native resistance to environmental destruction.Thoughtfully describes the efforts of various Indigenous peoples of the Turtle Island (called North America by some), including the Native people of the United State’s Hawaiian colony.


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