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Winter Of The Holy Iron

A novel about the moral questions surrounding the introduction of a new and dangerous technology, the rifle.The cultural distinctions between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and cultures and how such questions are discussed is an important theme.An interesting look at a time when people took the time to consider important questions that require continual dialogue.(Literature/Lakota Culture) 

Walking The Rez Road

Forty stories and poems featuring an Anishinabe Viet Nam war vet as the central character.Examines the flaws in the concentration camp mentality of the US Government“s Indian Policy, among other things.A good look at”Indian" Humor , as well.(American Indian Studies) 

Everlasting Sky, The

Professor Vizenor’s classic first book of essays, focusing on reservation life during the 1970s, including the emergence of the American Indian Movement.Vizenor juxtaposes snapshots of contemporary life against images and dream sequences from Anishinabe oral traditiions and ceremonies.

(Ojibwe History and Culture)



Spirit Car (Journey To A Dakota Past)

Moving and poignant story about the anguish of colonization and its divisive effects on Indigenous peoples. This is the story of one person’s experience of “coming to know” about her Indigenous roots. It is a good read and a story familiar to anyone who has had to reclaim their culture while living in the midst of everything else but that culture. Inspires the reader with hope that such a challenge is far from insurmountable. If you have ever lived in Rapid City you will encounter some familiar settings.(Literature/History)

Sister Nations

An anthology of fiction, prose and poetry by contemporary Native women. Rich in oral literature and creative energy. With a foreward by Winona La Duke. (Used as a resource book for Indigenous Health classes at Nawayee Center School in Minneapolis)(Literature) 

Native American Animal Stories

A collection of Traditional Native Americam stories with Animals as a theme.Stories from Indigenous cultures contain an intrinsic sort of wisdom that provides opportunities for new insights and meanings at each new telling.An overarching theme herein might be stated as : “We Are All Related” or “All Things Are Related”. This book and the stories included have applications for all subject areas. 


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