Education and Pedagogy

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Red Pedagogy

An excellent book about the relevance of and need for Indigenous forms of education as a means to cultural survival for Indigenous peoples and for the survival of the human bioshere as a whole. For myself, it more clearly defines and distniguishes two paradigms: Indigenous civilization versus Colonial civilization.(Education) 

Look To The Mountain

An attempt to describe Indigenous educational pedagogy and make it understandable by identifying points of commonality between it and the educational paradigm of the so-called “American Mainstream” of education.(Indigenous Teaching/Best Practices) 

Lies My Teacher Told Me

Easily one of the most illuminating books about American History ever written.Cuts through the hype right to the bare bones of the story.History is more often used to justify what has happened than to inform people about the past, and not knowing the lessons of history consigns a people to a repeat of their mistakes.Mr. Loewen opines that History’s lack of popularity with many students is a result of the teaching of history that neither makes sense nor requires people to really think about the causes of events and the motivations of the History makers.History/Education) 

Collected Wisdom

The “Collected Wisdom” of sixty teachers of Native American students who were intreviewed by the authors during a three-year study of what works with Native students and what effects cultural differences have on their educational success.Explores: Language Issues, The History of Oppression, Student Motivation and other factors and concerns.(Education/Best Practices) 

Children Left Behind

An important book in the History of the abuses suffered by Indigenous children and their families at the hands of the United States gonernment and their machinery of colonization.Mr.Giago, a noted Lakota publisher and author,recounts his days as a child student at the Holy Rosary Mission boarding school outside of Pine Ridge, South Dakota.Provides important background information for those seeking to understand the reluctance of many Indian families to participate in the educational process offered by the colonists.Many see the roots of modern-day dysfunction in the brutality of these schoo


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