Education and Pedagogy

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Native North Americans in Literature For Youth

In Native North Americans in Literature for Youth, Alec Crosetto and Rajinder Garcha identify of resources, including books, internet sites and media titles for k-12 students and educators. Entries are sub-divided into chapters covering geographic regions, history, religions, social life, customs and traditions, biographies,oral traditions and fiction.There are also chapters for general reference resources, curriculum resources and internet sites.

Fatty Legs

Margaret/Olemaun’s story of her Boarding School experiences at the Catholic Residential School in Aklavik, Northwest Territories. While education could/should be a fun and rewarding experience for a child, her time there would turn out to be more of a test of the integrity of her spirit.

Igniting The Sparkle

This book presents concepts that have been used for thousands of years in Ingigenous education. Dr.Cajete shows how we can inetgrate native ways of learning and teaching with mainstream education to revitalize the Euro-American educational system.(Indigenous Teaching/Best Practices)

Decolonizing Methodologies

In this powerful book Smith critically examines colonial models of education and the historical and philosophical base of Western research. In addition she offers a decolonization method for planning and implementing indigenous research that reclaims indigenous ways of knowing and being.(Contributed by Dr. Roxanne Gould,Phd.)

Seat Of The Soul, The

An interesting book about perception beyond the five senses, called Multisensory perception by the author, and the discipline of Authentic Empowerment, which is to bring the personality into alignment with the Soul. Authentically empowered teachers and students will be much more productive together.



Four Hills Of Life, The

An Ojibwe teaching about the stages in human life and how we grow in wisdom as we respond to challenges and learn to accept responsibilities.Contains text, illustrations and activities developed especially for kids.This is good resource for helping children deal with difficulties in thoughtful and mindful ways.

(Ojibwe Culture)


Teaching With Love And Logic

A very useful book about classroom management and the development of positive relationships that are free of power struggles.Teach students to discipline themselves, think for themselves and make better decisions by allowing them to learn from the real-world consequences of their choices.(Education) 


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