Young Adult (grades 9-12)

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 Ceremony conveys the universal experience of Native people returning from the violence of war. The impact on themselves, family and community is something that the majority of student readers can relate to. The hero of this story shows that healing through tradition and ceremony is a viable alternative to covering one’s wounds with drugs, alcohol and other self-destructive behaviors.(Indigenous Literature) 

Black Elk Speaks

 The biography of Lakota elder and medicine man Black Elk as told through John Neihardt. Contains many first-hand accounts of events that were described differently in U.S. History textbooks.Written in an engaging prose style that is straight forward and honest.The forward is by Vine Deloria, Jr.(Lakota History and Culture/American History) 

American Indian Stories

A collection of stories recounted by Zintkala Sha or Gertrude Bonnin, a Yankton Nakota describing her early life on the Yankton reservation and later as a student (or subject) atWhite's Manual Labor School and as a teacher at Carlisle Indian School.


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