Cultural Resource Bibliography

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Indian Givers

A accounting of how the cultural,scientific, social and political practices of Native Americans have transformed the way life is lived throughout the world.A good source of information on Indigenous civilization in North America.(History/Native American History) 

Incident At Oglala

An in-depth examination of the case of Leonard Peltier, whom many believe is a political prisoner, and how he was convicted of the murder of two FBI agents in a most controversial trial.Running time is 90 minutes. 

In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse

The story of the FBI’s war on the American Indian Movement, AIM’s resistance to that effort, and the Reign of Terror that ensued on the Pine Ridge reservation under the Wilson regime.Issues arising over statements made in this book lead to an abridgement of the Freedom of the Press Ammendment of the Bill of Rights when those statements were struck or redacted from the original text.This book not only tells some history, it made history.(History/American Government) 

Hundred In The Hand

 A novel about the Powder River War (1864 - 1868 ) centered around the battle known either as the Fetterman Massacre (to US historians) or The Hundred In The Hand (to the Lakota) .As the plot of the story is drawn from the pages of history and Lakota oral tradition, this might be considered an Historical narrative. Either way, it is an interesting read that teaches and entertains. 

History of the Ojibwe People

A chronological account of Ojibwe history written from the colonizers’ prespective , where history is a rigid, chronological listing of political events given without reference to social and economic life,spiritual beliefs and practices,oral traditions and other important cultural elements that would be included in a tribal history.(Ojibwe History and Culture) 

God is Red

A book about Native spirituality and the failure of Christianity to take its’ place because of the inability of that institution to operate according to its’ stated principles.(Indigenous Culture and Worldview) 


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