Oral Literature

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Keepers Of The Earth

This book contains traditional stories combined with complementaryactivities that together can be used to teach students about their role as humans in the Ecology of planet Earth. Using a holistic approach, this curriculum makes important connections between Environmental Studies,Social Studies, Science and other content areas. 

Keepers Of The Animals

This is a curriculum for teaching children their interdependence with all living things through the use of traditional Indigenous stories and complementary activities.(Academic applications include Wildlife Ecology and Environmental studies, using an holistic/experiential approach.

Keepers Of Life

An interdisciplinary curriculum for teaching about plants and the environment using activities and traditional stories from many Indigenous nations. Subjects studied include :Botany, Plant Ecology, Global Warming and the Natural History of many North American plants. Features a holistic approach well-suited to many Native learners.

Indian Oratory

 A collection of famous speeches by noted Native American leaders given between 1758 and 1910. Many good examples of this aspect of the Indigenous oral tradition.(Indigenous Oral Literature/History) 


Twenty stories from Indigenous peoples from all over the continent are tied together in the story of a young Lakota who is learning the oral traditions from his grandfather.Out of eighty-seven speaking parts, eighty-six are portrayed by Native actors.Comes with a soundtrack CD and special features.Running time is 180 minutes.(Native Culture/Oral Tradition) 

American Indian Stories

A collection of stories recounted by Zintkala Sha or Gertrude Bonnin, a Yankton Nakota describing her early life on the Yankton reservation and later as a student (or subject) atWhite's Manual Labor School and as a teacher at Carlisle Indian School.


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