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Recovering Our Ancestors' Gardens

(Indigenous Recipes and Guide to Diet and Fitness) This book adresses the need for a return to indigenous diet and lifestyle by looking at the impact of a colonized existence on Indigenous peoples and examining healthier options such as traditional gardening,sports and other physical activities and traditional cooking and food preparation.Very appropiate for Diabetes prevention curriculum. (Health and Nutrition, Indigenous Language and Culture, Science)

Native American Gardening

A resource book for families that explores an Indigenous approach to gardening.Contains curriculum, stories, activities and recipes that are excellent for building an educational program centered around gardening.(Health, Science, Native American Oral Tradition)

Power of Four: Leadership Lessons Of Crazy Horse, The

This book offers an Indigenous perspective on leadership, using the example set by the Lakota leader Crazy Horse as a model.Four key principles sre identified:Know yourself, Know your friends,Know the enemy, and Lead the way.The author attempts to show the universality of such principles and how it can be applied in contemporary times, not only as a guide for what leaders should be and how to lead, but also as an effective method for evaluating today’s leaders.(Social Studies/History)

Seat Of The Soul, The

An interesting book about perception beyond the five senses, called Multisensory perception by the author, and the discipline of Authentic Empowerment, which is to bring the personality into alignment with the Soul. Authentically empowered teachers and students will be much more productive together.



Lakota Way, The

Key Lakota values and principles are illustrated in stories and essays from Lakota oral tradition. This book really serves to show the value of stories as teaching tools and the tremendous wisdom that is the essence of indigenous oral tradition.

(Lakota Culture/Oral Tradition)


Heart Of The Soul,The

A guide (if you would) for developing emotional awareness, a very important type of awareness for a teacher to have and to perhaps share with their students.Troubled students and adults may benefit from the principles taught in this book, which can be used to develop internal resources for handling our emotional responses to stressful circumstances.



Good Path, The

Nine universal lessons of courage, honor and cooperation using traditional Native stories as a vehicle for instruction.Can be used to teach aspects of Ojibwe history and culture as well as overall health and self-improvement. This book is well-illustrated and contains high-interest activities for kids.

(Ojibwe Language and Culture/Health)


Food Revolution, The

The truth about popular diets,genetically modified foods,Mad Cow disease and the effects of the foods you eat on your health and the health of the planetary ecosystem. Well-written, readable and very informative, this book illuminates the danger of losing our connection to the foods provided for us by nature.



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