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Title Author Suggested Audiencesort ascending Subject Area
Seat Of The Soul, The Zukav, Gary Adult Health, Education and Pedagogy
An English-Dakota Dictionary Williamson,John P. Adult Indigenous Languages
Killing the White Man's Indian Bordewich, Fergus M. Adult Social Studies, Indigenous Studies
Plenty-Coups: Chief of the Crows Linderman,Frank B. Adult History, Indigenous Studies, Oral Literature
Diet For A New America Robbins,John Adult Math and Science
Trudell Rae,Heather Adult Indigenous Studies, History
God Gave Us This Country Gilbert, Bil Adult History, Indigenous Studies
Teaching With Love And Logic Fay,James Adult Education and Pedagogy
Painted Drum, The Erdrich,Louise Adult Language Arts, Indigenous Studies
God is Red Deloria,Vine Jr. Adult Social Studies, Indigenous Studies
Sacred Fireplace Catches, Peter S.,Sr. Adult Indigenous Studies
Look To The Mountain Cajete,Dr.Gregory Adult Education and Pedagogy, Indigenous Studies, Math and Science
All Our Relations LaDuke,Winona Adult Indigenous Studies, Language Arts
In The Absence Of The Sacred Manders,Jerry Adult Social Studies, Indigenous Studies
Lies My Teacher Told Me Loewen,James W. Adult Education and Pedagogy, History, Social Studies
Lies Across America Loewen,James W. Adult History, Social Studies
Night Flying Woman Broker, Ignatia Adult Indigenous Studies, History
Savage Inequalities Kozol,Jonhathan Adult Social Studies
Contemporary Native American Political Issues Johnson,Troy R. Adult Tribal Law, Indigenous Studies
Sacred Pipe, The Black Elk and Brown Adult Indigenous Studies, History