Birthed from Scorched Hearts: Women Respond to War

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Cover jacket for Birthed from Scorched Hearts: Women Respond to War

In a new book anthology, Birthed from Scorched Hearts: Women Respond to War (Fulcrum Books 2008), the phenomenon of war is insightfully explored by more than 60 award-winning women writers. War, as experienced, observed and defined by the writers, is skillfully interrogated with wisdom and unapologetic honesty.

Editor and compiler MariJo Moore, also a contributor, explains her motivation for creating the anthology in an introduction: “These writings will go deep into readers’ psyches, past the nonverbal consent caused by desensitization, to reawaken and bring to the surface the innate realization that we are all involved in the historical and recent events concerning war; that no one is insulated from these issues; that everyone has experienced the realities of war in some way.”

Women often have different perspectives of war than men, so Moore asked women writers from across the world to consider war, while pondering this question: “If you could converse with a woman – any woman living or deceased – who suffered from war, what would you ask?”

Moore, Marijo
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