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Winona LaDuke Reader, The

A collection of essential writings by the noted author on topics such as: Native Environmentalism, Native Traditions,Women’s Issues, Politics and the Presidency. Gathered from her many speeches and articles written for magazines such as Sierra, Smithsonian’s American Indian, Earth Island Journal, Indigenous Women and others.

(Indigenous Culture/Literature)


State Of Native America, The

This anthology has quickly become the classic text for all who want to understand the problems confronted by native people in North America. Includes, among other topics, treaty rights and international status, self-governance, U.S. repression, spiritual hucksterism, resource development and uranium contamination on reservations, religious freedom, and the implications of the Columbus Quincentenary celebration.

The Seventh Generation

Based on interviews with 120 American Indian, Alaska Native, and First Nations youth, this book explores the situations faced by todays youth. Looking at thechoices madeand theirconsequences on self, family and community students and teachers have the opportunity to evaluate their own decision making process through questions and talking points at the end of each chapter. 

Seat Of The Soul, The

An interesting book about perception beyond the five senses, called Multisensory perception by the author, and the discipline of Authentic Empowerment, which is to bring the personality into alignment with the Soul. Authentically empowered teachers and students will be much more productive together.



Manitous, The

A collection of stories from the Ojibwe oral traditions about Manitous, the beings of the spirit world, and their roles here in the natural world (i.e. Turtle Island/North America ). This is a good resource for those interested in learning/teaching about Ojibwe culture.

Long Death, The


A linear historical accounting of the invasion of the Great Plains by the United States that resulted in the deaths of a great many Native Americans and the loss of their lands and freedom.(1862-1891).It is a truly sad story, but very instructive for those who would like to learn from this history…

(American History, American Indian History and Culture)



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